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Parenting kids on the spectrum is no easy task, especially if you don't have autism. I know from experience that the best place for advice with raising kids is from adults with autism, but the best place for both advice and support is from other parents with kids on the spectrum.

You know me. I’m That Mom. The one you look at, wondering why she’s not doing a, b or c about her child’s behavior – silent judgement on your face. The mom who stands tall and fights back tears when you look at her disapprovingly. Or worse, when you look at her like you feel sorry for her, because her pride simply can’t swallow your pity on top of it all.
I’m the mom whose child is climbing the window washer’s scaffolding or obsessively pinching his own hands with the clothes pin she reluctantly allows him to carry because it keeps his hands busy (and off your kid). The mom whose heart sinks every time the school’s number flashes across her phone.From Hilliary Holyoak on Break the Parenting Mold

Check out some of these websites and blogs for some special mommy support...

Break the Parenting Mold: Stories, humor, tips and recipes raising children with special needs.

Parents with Confidence is coming soon to support special needs parents. I am a child therapist and also a mom to a 2e daughter and another with a chronic illness. is my website and I write about our life with my three boys , all different needs and abilities !

Here's my blog. I write about being the mom to 2 differntly wired kids, once of which is 2e (autism/gifted/dyslexia... with a splash of ADHD)

My blog is "Love in a Different Language" and it follows our life with my son who has severe autism.

I blog about communication impairments which was inspired by my 2 boys and my nonprofit.

I have three boys with three different species of autism 😉

Mine is from the adult child with autism side of things

I don't write exclusively about special needs, but I do write fairly regularly about my life with our

I raise two special needs children who both have autism among other things. I blog at

I blog about my daughter who is autistic ☺️

My site is for parents of older kids with special needs. It'

Running Through Water and @withwaterwings on Twitter and my blog site is I have 2 boys on the spectrum with other medical/developmental concerns and I also happen to be a clinical social worker who works with kids and families with developmental disabilities. My writing is a cross between personal and professional.

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